Iris Universe Bowl $180.00

I love this bowl. The color scheme turned out better than I could have imagined. There is some iris gold and ruby gold mixed together for the base coat. I added some water blue, purple rose and heliotrope purple on a gather. On the outside there is a mix of iris gold, iris blue and silver amethyst all pulled and twisted together then reduced. This is one of those pieces that as an artist I just loved. I am asking $180.00 for this piece.


Lamp worked glass sculptures.

For The Office

These are items that can be used in your office space. Check out these glass paper weights and glass pens and pen holders.

Glass Ornaments

Imagine a beautiful glass window display, or ornamental hangings from your Christmas tree.


Gathered Illusions glass jewelry makes a great gift. Whether its bracelets or earrings or glass beads to make your own apparel, we have some very unique items that are sure to stand out.
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